CBD Oil Pet Tincture


CBD Pet Tincture 500MG

  • Sourced from USA Grown Hemp
  • Third-Party ISO-Certified Lab Reports
  • Made in FDA registered facility
  • Made in USA 100% Natural



Do more of what you love together with our brand new THC-free Sensitive PET CBD Tincture. It is perfect for those furry friends that might be a bit more finicky in the tastes. These CBD oil tinctures can easily be added to your pet’s favorite foods while still providing the same effect that you enjoy. CBD is a naturally occurring that works in the endocannabinoid system of an animal to help support normal health among other benefits. We carefully formulate our CBD pet Tincture in our FDA registered facility using our vertically partnered process that delivers only the highest quality CBD pet products. All of our CBD tinctures are third-party lab tested for potent, pesticides and heavy metals. Our testing process ensures we offer a product that is natural, safe and consistent.

Hemp Oil Extract, MCT Oil, Organic Peppermint Extract


Every dog is unique, so you need to experiment a bit to work out the optimum measurement. Start by giving your pet a small amount twice daily and watch for improvement. If need be, gradually increase. When starting a CBD regimen in order to achieve optimal results it’s suggested to maintain a routine for at least two to three weeks before making a full assessment, as the body can accumulate CBD over time. Below is an estimated dosage chart. These amounts can vary based on the severity of the condition.
SIZE                    REGULAR DOSE          STRONG DOSE
*1 – 20 LBS          (1mg – 4mg)                  (4mg – 8mg)
*20 – 40 LBS        (2mg – 8mg)                  (8mg – 16mg)
*40 – 65 LBS        (4mg – 16mg)                 (16mg – 33mg)
Over 65 LBS        (4mg – 20mg)                 (18mg – 50mg)



Nature’s Legend offers a number of different ways to introduce CBD into your system. One of the most efficient delivery methods is oil, also known as tincture. Why is it so effective? Because the oil is deposited and absorbed under the tongue, where it can be readily absorbed into the bloodstream through the sublingual artery instead of passing through the digestive system. CBD oil taken sublingually is highly bioavailable which means it loses less of its potency due to digestion and other metabolic processes. Make sure to hold it under your tongue at least 20 seconds to maximize absorption.


Generally, we suggest maintaining a daily CBD regimen for at least two to three weeks before making any major adjustments. This method will allow for the CBD to closely interact with your bodies biological systems more naturally, allowing CBD to build up within your system. Again, start with a smaller dosage and adjust slowly for desired result.



Nature’s Legend offers premium, lab tested CBD products made from plants that have been extracted from 100% USA-organically grown, non-GMO, 100% traceable certified industrial hemp. All hemp plants are Third Party Lab Tested and guaranteed to be free of any contaminants and contain the exact amount of pure CBD stated. Our CBD is produced from the most cutting edge and efficient extraction process (Co2 extraction), which guarantees the highest grade and purist hemp extract in the world. We are confident that our formulations will always exceed our customer’s expectations for purity, quality and price. We stand behind our products 100%.


CBD Oil Pet Tincture



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