Our Story

“Putting the customer first.”

Nature’s Legend founder Mike Rosas got a job at a hi-fi store where he once was a customer. It didn’t take him long to realize the store was poorly run. The owner exhibited a startling lack of leadership which resulted in the store being plagued by disorganization and lack of follow-up that directly impacted the customers. Sales were suffering and it was headed for bankruptcy.

Then something happened that would have a tremendous impact on Mike’s approach to business. A new owner (who has since passed away) took over the business and brought with him a “customer first” philosophy. The staff’s entire focus was on making sure that every customer was 100% satisfied. All questions would be answered, and a customer would never be allowed to leave the store unhappy. In addition, customers became a valuable source of information when it came to the products the store stocked. The goal was to earn their trust and their future business. Where did the new owner’s “customer first” philosophy come from? A clue can be found in his obituary, which said that “he received joy from helping others.”

When Mike left the hi-fi store, he carried the “customer first” philosophy with him and adopted it as his own. In his entire business career, which has spanned over thirty years, he’s never had an unhappy client or customer. Now while that may sound hard to believe, “yes” Mike’s had initially unhappy customers, but he’s always done what it takes to turn a negative into a positive and put a smile on their faces. Any business he’s been directly involved with treats their customers like royalty.

CBD Products

A high-quality product at a fair price.

To accomplish this, Mike knows that turning his customers into raving fans starts with delivering a high-quality product at a fair price. Mike, who has always been a big believer in natural health solutions, became aware, through talking to people in the industry and his own research, of the health and wellness potential of cannabis and the positive impact it has on people’s lives. For over twenty years, Mike owned a cannabis cultivation business, supplying the medical marijuana industry. Which fits right in with a similar philosophy he has embraced, passed down by his parents… “My parents believe, as I do, that life is all about helping other people. And that helping other people is its own reward,” Mike said.

Improving your general wellness, health, and vitality.

When CBD came into prominence, Mike witnessed firsthand its impact… people who once needed sleep support who were now experiencing a healthy, restful sleep… people who felt stressed who now felt calm and relaxed… people who were experiencing pain who found relief from their aches, injuries, and ailments and found support for their joint and muscle discomfort. In short, he saw people living fuller, more rewarding lives thanks to CBD. As a result, he became passionate about helping as many people as he could.

When the U.S. farm bill passed in 2018, removing hemp from the Schedule 1 controlled substances list, the demand for CBD skyrocketed. Hemp production in the United States surged and the production costs dropped. Glorious news as Mike felt more people’s lives would be improved, but he noticed that the reduced costs weren’t being reflected in the price of the actual CBD. It was still expensive. It seemed to him that some CBD companies were taking advantage of the hype around CBD. Plus, people’s perception of CBD is that, while it has health benefits, it’s also expensive.

Making CBD’s wellness benefits accessible to more people.

Determined to make quality CBD accessible, he set out to do something about what he considered to be the unfair practices in the marketplace. In 2019, Mike founded Nature’s Legend. Because of his vast cannabis experience as a cultivator, Mike knows how to identify the highest quality hemp growers and manufacturers. He sources his CBD from what he considers to be the finest hemp farming/extraction/manufacturing operation in Colorado (if not the world). (The company he’s partnered with has more clones and seeds and has bred more strains than any other operation on the planet.)

This partnership allows Nature’s Legend to have a vertically integrated relationship from seed to sale, providing extensive oversight from the farming to the processing to the end product. Nature’s Legend extensively researched, proprietary-bred unique cannabinoid-rich hemp strains are specifically crossbred to produce the highest CBD ratios with the lowest THC levels while providing the industry’s most cannabinoid and terpene-rich formulas possible. This enables Nature’s Legend to produce the world’s most pure and extensively researched CBD products, with full control of their raw material costs, allowing them to offer competitive pricing across the board. By combining an excellent product at a great price with Mike’s focus on keeping his costs low and his profit margin sustainable but not overly excessive, Nature’s Legend is able to offer you premium lab-tested CBD at up to 50% less expensive than other brands.

Get more, spend less… guaranteed.

This accomplishes Mike’s mission in two ways: 1) It allows more people to experience and benefit from the health and wellbeing effects of CBD. 2) It saves you money. Plus, there’s absolutely no risk to you. In line with his “customer first” philosophy, Mike backs up everything he sells with a 90 day “no questions asked” money-back guarantee. If Nature’s Legend CBD is not everything you expect it to be, simply let us know and you’ll promptly receive your money back.

Mike and Nature’s Legend’s mission is to help YOU live a full and healthy life, the life you are meant to live, by providing you with the best quality CBD products available at the most affordable prices.

Our Promises

Believing the legendary beneficial properties of nature, Nature’s Legend takes CBD seriously.
That is why we make three vital promises to you.


We promise to deliver only premium quality CBD products. From superior quality hemp and CO2 extraction to experienced FDA-approved, GMP certified manufacturing facilities and continuous third-party lab testing, we ensure exceptional CBD products.


But, just because our CBD products are premium quality, it doesn’t mean they can’t be affordable.  By selectively sourcing our ingredients, streamlining our processes and cutting our profit-margins, you reap the benefits of lower prices without compromising quality.


Your happiness and satisfaction is our ultimate goal.  That is why we offer our Nature’s Legend Happiness Guarantee and why, when you reach out to us, we will help you fine-tune your product selection, doing what we can to make CBD work for you too.