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Why more and more, people trust Nature’s Legend to provide them with high-quality premium CBD

If you’ve read the Nature’s Legend story, you know that our founder Mike Rosas’s mission is to provide you with premium quality CBD at an affordable price.

An honorable objective, but whenever you sell anything at a lower price, often people’s initial reaction is to become suspicious. Questions like, “What’s wrong with their product?” “What corners are they cutting?” “Are they delivering what they promised?” instantly spring to mind. Plus, the adage “you get what you pay for” becomes a cautionary statement.

Mike believes that life is all about helping other people. The reason we keep our costs low and our profit margin reasonable is so that more people can experience the wellness benefits of CBD at a fair price. We don’t believe in taking advantage of the hype surrounding CBD by raking in overly excessive profits.

To put your mind at ease that Nature’s Legend CBD is a premium quality product even though we sell it for less, here are some reasons you can put your trust in the CBD you receive from us…

Third-Party Lab Testing

We contract extensive third-party tests on all our products. Each product batch is tested by an independent ISO accredited facility. They are tested for purity, safety, and concentration. This means that you have the peace of mind of knowing that your CBD is not contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, or other harmful ingredients. We custom formulate our products to ensure you’re getting an exact and consistent number of active cannabinoids per serving. The tests verify that our CBD always matches the label specifications. You can access our third-party lab results by clicking here.

While CBD is legal in all 50 states, it’s not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, you can gauge the credibility and trustworthiness of a CBD manufacturer by their third-party testing results and the certifications they’ve earned.
The following are the certifications that the product manufacturing facilities Nature’s Legend partners with have received…

GMP Certification

GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) certification is awarded by the FDA to manufacturers who follow the highest manufacturing standards in terms of cleaning protocol and sanitation, proper equipment functioning and testing, raw material acquisition, batch consistency, quality assurance, the proper training of employees, etc. Knowing your CBD is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility offers great reassurance to educated CBD consumers.

Platinum ISO 9001 Certification

The focus of ISO 9001 certification is the management of the firm and the system they have in place to ensure issues are acted upon. All system processes are measured, monitored, and controlled with an eye on continually making improvements.


A business that has FDA registration has been inspected and given the stamp of approval that it is taking the necessary steps to provide consumers with the safest products possible.

US Hemp Authority Certified

This certification program is designed to provide high standards and best practices, giving confidence to consumers that hemp products are lab-tested, safe, and legal.

National Hemp Association Member

This helps support growth and development while creating and implementing industrial hemp standards, certifications, and regulations.

Kosher Certified

The word “kosher” is derived from the Hebrew word “kashér” which means to be pure, proper, and suitable for consumption. So, it’s no surprise that many consumers associate Kosher products with high quality, healthfulness, and safety. For many people, kosher certification is important to their faith-based lifestyle.

Cruelty-Free International

The Leaping Bunny logo guarantees no new animal tests were used in the product’s development.

Non-GMO Certified

Our CBD product has been evaluated and found to comply with the Non-GMO Standard (details of which can be found here). Non-GMO certification gives you an informed choice as to whether or not you want to consume genetically modified organisms.

Our Money-Back Guarantee: We are extremely confident in our CBD products and want you to feel 100% comfortable, which is why we also offer you a 90 day “No Questions Asked” money-back guarantee. If the CBD product you purchased from us is not everything you expect it to be, we’ll either replace it with a different product or give you your money back. (For more information about our money-back guarantee, click here.)

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