How Hemp Can Help With Pain

Man Headache
Aches and soreness have nothing to do with a poor level of fitness; even top athletes and marathon runners get sore. It means that your body is getting stronger. So, why does getting stronger feel so awful?
When you work out, your muscle fibers physically break down, only to rebuild bigger and better than before—that’s the goal! But in the meantime, the breakdown sure doesn’t feel great. Unfortunately, you can’t escape it, but you can help yourself through the discomfort. Nature’s Best Medicine: CBD

Symptoms the CBD may help with

Provides Daily Relief

After a tough workout or a new exercise routine, or even just doing something your body’s not used to, you might feel it for a few days. Not exactly painful, but also not pleasant. When applied topically, CBD has the potential to be pleasant (no matter how many miles you ran the day before). Regular CBD users report a less heavy, achy post-workout feeling with quicker recuperation.

Release Tension

Tight muscles, a tense body, uncomfortable feelings. It’s an age-old problem that has a new solution.

Whenever you start to feel muscular discomfort or excess tension, gives yourself a CBD massage. It is a two-pronged approach that can do wonders for your muscle tension:

1) Using a CBD cream or oil will allow you to reap the benefits of hemp—right to the muscles that need it most. This may help relax the muscles, alleviating any pent-up tension, and make it easier to massage out knots.

2) Massage therapy has been shown to alleviate muscle pain and soreness, even when done at home, as well as to reduce delayed onset soreness by nearly 30% and decrease swelling. Additionally, it is expected to increase range of motion in your joints. CBD has been considered a potential source of relief, whether it be for mental anxiety, physical tension or all of the above.

Excellent Physical Recovery

If you soothe muscle soreness, reduce post-workout swelling, and allow your muscles to recover overnight, you will be able to hit the ground running the next morning—literally.

CBD is the perfect complement to your fitness regimen and holistic wellness routine.

Live Each Day to the Fullest

You need to get more accomplished with less time, but don’t want to give yourself another hurdle to overcome — achy mornings, uncomfortable days, and a stressful environment.

You may want to try adding a CBD topical to help you feel better now, whether you’ve just completed an intense workout, a long bike ride, or just a routine day at work with some shoulder tension.

Enough with all the pain, strain, and strains—hemp is here.