We take quality, reliability and value seriously. That is why we source our hemp from sunny Colorado, where we choose only the best hemp, from sustainable, organic and Farm Bill approved hemp farms. From there we use clean CO2 extraction to get the CBD from the plant into high potent, superior quality CBD extracts we use in our products.

Are Nature's Legends products legal?

In 2018, the Agriculture and Nutrition Act was introduced, making CBD made from hemp 100% federally legal. This means that our 100% hemp-derived Nature's Legend CBD products are also legal in all 50 states.

Will Nature's Legend CBD products make me feel high?

No. As per federal regulations, even our full-spectrum CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC - a concentration so low, you won’t feel it’s psychoactive effects.

Will I fail a drug test if I use Nature's Legend CBD products?

Drug tests react to the metabolites for THC, meaning there is no chance of failing a drug test if you use a Nature’s Legend broad-spectrum or CBD isolate product. But with that said, our Nature’s Legend full-spectrum CBD products
contain so little THC, so it's virtually impossible to test positive on a drug test.

How do I store my Nature's Legend CBD products?

Typically we advise that Nature’s Legend CBD products are stored in a cool dry place, away from heat, sunlight, and moisture.

Instead, it stimulates the ECS to produce more of its own cannabinoids, helping to restore balance. CBD also interacts with over 60 other neurological pathways, including serotonin receptors (for mood), the immune system, vanilloid receptors (inflammation, pain and heat perception) and glycine receptors (motor control and pain perception).

The easiest way is to think of CBD as helping your body to “fix” itself by restoring balance and helping your body to function at its best.

Will I pass airport security when travelling with Nature's Legend CBD Products?

If you’re traveling within the United States, the answer is yes. As mentioned, Nature's Legend is made from hemp-derived CBD that is federally legal. But just to be on the safe side, we’d recommend you print out a copy of our Lab
Results to take with you when you travel. If you’re traveling internationally, we recommend checking their local laws
since CBD is still illegal in some.