CBN Dosage Chart: What's the Correct CBN Dosage?

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Between body size, age, different uses, changing tolerance levels, and various forms of CBN,  it’s hard to know the right dose. So you’re wondering, ‘how much CBN should I take?’

Fortunately, reliable sources will provide accurate labels with both dosage instructions and a breakdown of exactly how much CBN (and other cannabinoids, if any) the product contains.

Additionally, your doctor is the best resource for any medical condition you may be experiencing. You should feel comfortable asking your doctor about whether CBN is right for you and how to go about taking CBN at an appropriate dose.

So if you’re interested in CBN’s potential benefits but uncertain about what the correct CBN dose looks like for you, keep reading. We’re discussing how much CBN to take based on your goal for taking CBN and delivery methods from oil to capsules and gummies.

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How Much CBN Should You Take?

Everyone’s body and needs are different, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to CBN dosage. But there are some general guidelines we can follow and adjust as needed.

For example, some people find that CBN is effective for them at just 1 mg when they vape it and as little as 4 mg when they take it orally. Others may need as much as 6 mg when vaping or up to 66 mg of oral CBN to be effective. 

Also, people’s definitions of ‘effective’ change depending on which effect they’re looking to achieve from CBN. Some users may want a higher dose to aid sleep or to relieve pain at the end of their day, while others may want smaller doses for a calming effect without getting sleepy.

Another factor to consider when identifying the proper CBN for you is that most CBN products contain at least one other cannabinoid, such as CBD and/or CBG. So you should also think about what levels of other cannabinoids you’re getting alongside your CBN dose, and how it may affect you.

CBN Dosage Chart

We’ve put together a CBN dosage chart that gives rough dosage recommendations for whichever potential CBN benefits you want and which form of CBN you choose to take.

But please remember that doing casual research on the internet is no substitute for actual medical advice. You should always consult a physician about any conditions you’re dealing with and check with them before trying CBN or any cannabinoid or supplement.

Here’s a rough guide of good CBN doses to start off with. You always want to err on the side of caution and start with a small amount, only increasing the dose gradually as needed. 

CBN can make people feel sleepy, so it’s best to take it before bed. Until you have a little experience and know what effects to expect, avoid taking CBN when you have things to do or places to go.


CBN Oil (Directly Under Tongue)

CBN Oil (Mixed in Food or Drink)

CBN Capsule

CBN Gummies


2.5-10 mg 

3-20 mg 

3-10 mg 

3-20 mg 


2-5 mg

3-5 mg

2-5 mg

2-5 mg


2-5 mg

3-5 mg

2-5 mg

3-5 mg

CBN Dosage for Sleep Support

CBN’s most common use is for sleeping, and someday it may prove to be a remarkably effective sleep aid. If you’re taking CBN for better sleep, you should use it about an hour before bed. However, if you’re using the dropper to administer CBN oil directly under your tongue, it could take effect faster than that. 

Many people find that as little as 2.5-3 mg helps them get restful sleep. So start with that and try it for a while before you consider increasing your dose to 5 mg or more. 

Also remember that your CBN product probably contains other calming cannabinoids like CBD or CBG. Because of the entourage effect, combining cannabinoids can greatly amplify their effects.

CBN Dosage for Pain Relief

If you’re taking CBN for pain relief, but you don’t want to feel sleepy, start with a low dose of 2 mg or less. Although the first few times you take CBN, you should expect it to make you feel sleepy in about an hour, even at low doses. So some careful trial and error is in order.

You may eventually build up a tolerance to your ideal CBN dose over time and wish to increase it gradually. It’s a good idea to take this process slowly, and use caution to make sure the increased dose doesn’t make you too sleepy in the wrong situations.

Also, look into full-spectrum CBN products that also contain CBD and CBG for managing pain. With this trifecta of anti-inflammatory and analgesic cannabinoids, you will likely be happy with the pain relief it provides.

CBN Dosage for Anxiety

CBN can work well for anxiety if you can find the sweet spot of dosage where you get the calming effects and can go about your day without feeling any fatigue. Again, start with a small dose at first. A good beginner CBN dosage for anxiety is about 2 mg or less. 

Another helpful tip is to look for CBN products containing CBD. Since CBD appears to be effective at reducing anxiety, many people find they can successfully calm their anxiety with the combination of CBN and CBD.

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Can You Take Too Much CBN?

CBN is not a drug, it’s a supplement. So you can’t overdose on it per se, and there are no known dangerous or life-threatening side effects of CBN. 

On the other hand, CBN is mildly psychoactive, and it is possible to take too much. Those who take large amounts of CBN are most likely to feel drowsy or fatigued.

CBN Side Effects

How Do You Take CBN?

There are several different types of CBN products, each of which can range from isolate to full-spectrum. Here are the differences:

  • CBN Capsules and Softgels- These are just like the standard way you’re probably used to taking supplements or vitamins. 
  • CBN Gummies- Like gummy vitamins, these are convenient and pleasant-tasting, but don’t be tempted to eat these like candy. Remember to follow dosage recommendations.
  • CBN Oil Tinctures- You can take CBN oil tinctures sublingually (administering under the tongue with the dropper) or by mixing them into food or drinks.

Be aware of terminology for various concentrations of CBN. Also, use a reliable CBN source with accurate labeling and lab testing. Then, double-check product labels for THC content, since combining CBN and THC can cause extreme fatigue.

  • Full-spectrum CBN- Using all the original compounds from the cannabis plant can increase cannabinoids’ potency. However, users should be aware that full-spectrum CBN can contain low levels of THC.
  • Broad-spectrum CBN- This is a more manufactured way to combine multiple potent cannabinoids from a cannabis plant after isolating them first. With broad-spectrum CBN products, you can choose to exclude THC.
  • Isolate CBN- This is the purest way to take CBN, and contains no other compounds.

CBN Dosing Frequently Asked Questions

Can CBN make you feel high?

No. Normal CBN doses don’t induce a high. CBN is only 10-25% as psychoactive as THC, so one would have to take massive amounts of CBN to get a similar ‘high.’

Will CBN make you feel dizzy?

No, appropriate amounts of CBN should not cause dizziness. At excessive doses, some people might feel dizzy from decreased blood pressure.

How long does it take for CBN to work?

You should take a CBN supplement for sleep effects roughly one hour before bed. But there’s no single, precise answer. Onset depends on your size, eating habits, dosage, and what type of CBN product you’re using. 

What’s the best CBN dose for dogs?

To be safe, ask your vet before having your dog try CBN. Read any product label’s dosage instructions, consider your dog’s size, start on the low end, and increase slowly if necessary.

What is the best time to take CBN before bed?

It’s best to take CBN about an hour before bed.

Where to Find CBN Products?

Nature’s legend has high-quality CBN products that come from the latest research and certified manufacturing and undergo third-party lab testing. That way, you know for sure your products are safe and legal, and that the label accurately reflects the product’s composition.

Have you tried CBN before?

If so, what was your goal and starting dosage, and how did it go? 

CBN is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent, making it good for fighting pain. More research is needed to confirm any clinical effects, but CBN also has a gentle sedating effect for sleep support even at low doses. It has minimal adverse effects compared to some of the side effects of clinical options. 

Remember to discuss any medical issues with your doctor, and ask them about trying CBN and appropriate dosing. Always start doses on the low side and increase only as needed, and slowly.

If you’re shopping for CBN products for the first time or as someone who already has experience, here’s where to find trusted CBN products online.