CBD Cream for Foot Pain: Tips and Recommendations

CBD cream for foot pain

Nearly 80% of adults in the United States have dealt with some kind of foot problem. Makes sense too, our feet get put through a lot! 

As they carry us through life, feet can begin to hurt for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s gout, neuropathy, arthritis, tendinitis, or simply being on your feet all day, you deserve relief from foot pain to keep moving forward.

CBD is catching on as a natural pain remedy. Available in capsules, gummies, tincture oils, and topicals, many people credit CBD with helping them overcome pain to start functioning better. 

Similar to the above application methods, topical CBD foot cream could help you manage foot pain to live, work, and stay active with fewer aches and pains to hold you back. Keep reading to find out how.

What is CBD Cream?

CBD is one of the main components of cannabis plants. Although CBD is also present in high-THC marijuana plants, it’s most prevalent in hemp.

So, what is hemp-based CBD? Industrial hemp plants are a strain of cannabis plant that contain less than 0.3% THC. Hemp has way more CBD than marijuana, and because marijuana is not fully legal everywhere, most CBD supplements and topical creams are derived from hemp plants.

CBD cream is a topical substance users can apply directly to the skin of whichever body part is experiencing pain. A small spot test is advised first to make sure your skin doesn’t have an adverse reaction. As with any topical cream, avoid contact with your eyes and any mucous membranes such as the mouth.

By readily absorbing through the skin, CBD creams can provide fast-acting relief for pain and inflammation. 

How CBD Cream Works to Relieve Foot Pain and Inflammation

When we think of topical pain relief, the capsaicin and lidocaine-based topicals from the drug store are what typically come to mind. They aren’t always pleasant to use as they can sometimes cause a strange sensation that merely distracts from the pain rather than relieving it. 

CBD cream works differently. It does more than merely superficially numb or mask pain. It actually absorbs through the skin of the feet and works under the surface against neuropathic pain, muscle pain and soreness, and inflammation from arthritis or other conditions.

When the body comes in contact with CBD through the skin, it can diffuse into the tissues and reach the circulatory system by systemic absorption. Then, it reaches cannabinoid receptors in the immune and nervous system so the endocannabinoid system can go to work balancing the body and reducing pain and inflammation.

Common Medical Conditions that Cause Foot Pain

Let’s look into some common causes of foot pain and how CBD might help with each.


Arthritis results in inflammatory joint pain that can affect the feet. Additionally, fibromyalgia and other arthritis-related conditions can cause muscle pain along with other symptoms. By infiltrating the immune cells, CBD, especially topical, can reduce chronic pain and inflammation of arthritis in the feet without side effects. To this effect, topical CBD may kick in more effectively than edible CBD.

Achilles Tendinitis

Tendinitis is defined by inflammation and pain of the tendons. This condition can cause heel pain in addition to pain and/or swelling of the back of the ankle. Evidence from clinical trials suggests that CBD creams may alleviate both tendonitis and joint stiffness.


Gout results from high uric acid levels and urate crystal buildup due to poor diet, weight gain, and medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, heart or kidney disease and can also be a source of joint pain, including in the feet. Topical CBD’s anti-inflammatory activity may help control the inflammation and intense pain of gout.

Heel Pain

The most common causes of heel pain are plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis, both of which involve inflammation, which CBD cream can help manage.


Excessive wearing of high heels or poorly-fitting shoes can lead to Morton’s neuroma, the thickening of the tissue surrounding a nerve in the ball of the foot. This can cause irritation and neuropathic pain, which CBD may be able to interrupt by interacting with certain nerve channels.

Diabetic Neuropathy

High blood sugar levels can be detrimental to the nerves. Therefore, individuals with diabetes are more likely to suffer from neuropathy, especially in the legs and feet. This can result in numbness and sometimes debilitating chronic pain. Fortunately, CBD cream seems to help manage neuropathic pain.

Best CBD Creams for Foot Pain

Before testing out different topical CBD products, here are some recommendations, including tips of what to look for when buying CBD.

CBD Relief Freeze Cream

This cooling analgesic (pain-relief) CBD cream combines with other soothing ingredients like organic menthol, camphor, safflower seed oil, arnica extract, chamomile, shea, and aloe vera. It contains 500 mg of CBD per container and relief can come from just a small, 5 mg dose through rubbing a small dab of cream on the achy area.

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CBD Freeze Roller

An easy applicator roller that makes administering CBD smooth and clean. The special formula of menthol, camphor, Boswellia extract, and cat’s claw helps relieve aches and pains and is available in 500 mg and 1500 mg bottles.

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CBD & CBG Gel Roller

Combining equal parts CBD and CBG (cannabigerol) maxes out pain relieving properties at ten times the efficacy of CBD alone. Curcumin C3 complex adds additional anti-inflammatory relief alongside a special ingredient for optimum absorption.

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Five Tips for Using CBD Cream for Foot Pain

Once you decide which CBD cream is best for you, here’s how to start a regimen of use that’s bound for success:

Types of CBD

The different kinds of CBD creams available include isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD, with different ratios of CBD to other hemp compounds in each. Isolate CBD has no other cannabinoids, while broad-spectrum CBD has some other isolated cannabinoids, but not all of them. Full-spectrum CBD creams retain some levels of all the natural compounds in the hemp plant.


Start out by using a small dab of CBD cream twice a day for foot pain. Then, increase frequency to three times per day, if necessary. For the best results, apply consistently for at least two weeks when using CBD foot cream for the first time.


Even if you apply CBD cream topically, it will eventually end up in your circulatory system. So, it’s important to remember it is possible to use too much. The exact dosage may be a bit harder to determine with topicals, but the rule with any cannabinoid product is to start low and go slow. 

That means, start with a small, pea-sized amount of CBD foot cream, rub it into the skin thoroughly, and if you’re not getting the desired results right away, increase the amount ever so slightly over time.

Third-Party Lab Results

Find a trusted CBD cream source that puts all products through third-party lab testing and makes the results available to you in a certificate of analysis. 

That way, you can rest assured the contents of the foot cream match the ingredients listed on the label. For example, you will be able to verify that CBD is the only cannabinoid included if you’re avoiding full-spectrum CBD.

Physician’s Advice

Always consult a physician first with any health problem like foot pain that interferes with daily life. A doctor can help you determine if CBD cream is appropriate for you given your medical history and any current medications you are taking. They may also help you interpret a certificate of analysis for a given product to screen for quality.

FAQs About CBD Cream For Foot Pain

What are the side effects of using topical CBD?

Excessive amounts of CBD may cause mild side effects like drowsiness or dizziness, but topical CBD should not cause any side effects when used in reasonable quantities.

Does CBD cream help with neuropathy in feet?

Yes, there is evidence CBD cream may help relieve neuropathic pain in the feet.

Does CBD cream work for plantar fasciitis?

Yes, CBD cream could relieve heel pain from plantar fasciitis, but it does not treat the condition itself.

How long does it take CBD ointment to work?

The onset of topical CBD varies for each person, but you may start noticing effects 20-60 minutes after applying.

How much does CBD cream cost?

You can get high-quality topical CBD products for between $20 and $40 per 1000 mg.

What is the difference between hemp cream and CBD cream?

Hemp cream is made from hemp seeds and hemp seed oil, whereas CBD cream is made with CBD extracted from hemp plant matter. 

How to use CBD cream for swollen feet?

Two to three times a day, apply a pea-sized dab of CBD cream to the feet and rub it into the skin thoroughly.

Is CBD cream legal?

Yes, CBD cream and other products derived from hemp are legal in the U.S.

How to keep foot pain under control?

Depending on the reason for your aching feet, some people wear more comfortable shoes or add in-soles, perform stretches or exercises, apply ice or topicals or take medications. 

39% of those with foot ailments look to over-the-counter treatments and home remedies, while sadly, 30% don’t do anything at all to address foot pain. Each of these segments could benefit from CBD.

CBD creams work by targeting and diffusing into the tissues of the affected areas directly and absorbing systemically for fast relief from pain and inflammation. Often, topical CBD also contains other soothing ingredients.

If you think your aching feet deserve a natural and effective solution, compare all the options and purchase CBD cream online from Nature’s Legend to see the difference quality, research-backed products can make.