CBD Buyers Guide

Need help finding out what product is best for you? Use this guide to help you decide. Before purchasing CBD, there are several factors to consider, including the type of CBD product, its potency, and quality. Keep reading to find out what products to use.

Three Categories of CBD OIL

Nature’s Legend offers three different types of CBD oil extracts, choose which one is best for you:
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Full Spectrum CBD is largely considered the most effective version of hemp extract that features hemp in its purist, most unprocessed from containing all compounds found naturally occurring in the plant.

Contains <0.3% THC

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Broad Spectrum is manufactured Full Spectrum extract, meaning that all the plant components have been isolated and then brought back together in specific ratios, which allows certain components to be excluded such as THC.

Contains 0% THC

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Isolate CBD is an extract that contains cannacidiol (CBD) only. This means that all other naturally occurring compounds within the hemp plant have been removed and CBD has been purposely isolated.

Contains 0% THC

All Nature’s Legend CBD is hemp-derived, non-intoxicating, naturally sourced, and made in the USA

What CBD strength is right for you?

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Benefits your lifestyle
17mg per serving

CBD Levels


Find your everyday balance
33mg per serving

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Feel you need a stronger serving?
50mg per serving