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Does CBG Make You Sleepy

Does CBG Make You Sleepy? It’s fairly common knowledge that certain strains of marijuana can make people feel sleepy. In fact, cannabis use for sleep-promoting, calming, sedative, and anesthetic effects dates back millennia. For example, surgeons in 2nd century C.E. China used cannabis as an anesthetic, and, among other uses, it likely served as a…

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Does CBG have THC

Does CBG have THC? Since the minor cannabinoids’ popularity has exploded recently, you’ve become curious about CBG and its therapeutic potential. Who wouldn’t be interested? Anyone’s ears would perk up when they hear about a natural remedy with mild side effects and an array of applications that almost anyone could benefit from. There’s truth behind…

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Is CBG Safe To Smoke

Is CBG Safe To Smoke?A Beginner’s Guide To Smoking CBG If you’re doing your homework on CBG before trying it, it’s probably because you want the health benefits of a natural remedy with minimal harmful side effects. So the idea of smoking something to achieve that goal is very counter-intuitive.  Everyone knows how detrimental cigarette…

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